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If it were my dream...

tell me your dreams

if it were my dream: dream interpretation
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This community is for people looking for feedback on their dreams. post your dream; other members will post an interpretation for you, if they have one. sweet dreams!

"If it were my dream" is how kaolinfire learned to interpret dreams, in a small circle with close friends. Each person would tell a dream and then the group would select one that resonated the strongest to discuss; this would be followed by a short period of meditation, and then each member would retell the dream from their perspective, interspersing that with what each element that was poignant to them would mean.

Any dream is a personal thing and should be treated with respect.

If you post a dream for interpretation, please reciprocate by commenting on others' dreams.

This is a dreams-only community; if you want to find out more about dream interpretation, there are a number of other communities (and we may list a few of them here later, but they're easy enough to find).

Here are also a number of resources:

universal motifs

dream signs

dream moods: links and info

online dream interpreter

learn to understand your dreams

dream central