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this is a boys dream, if that matters - If it were my dream...

About this is a boys dream, if that matters

Previous Entry this is a boys dream, if that matters Apr. 4th, 2006 @ 09:05 pm Next Entry
Strange dreams!!!
Current mood: weird

i've had an entire week of strange dreams, mostly involving space and strange space fruits. There is one that stuck in my mind and if there's anyone out there who knows the meanings of dreams please try to help....
I went to another planet (dont know why, dont know how}and i picked up a 2 foot tall furry pet giraffe, i brought him back to my house and realised he could talk. then i realised, after a long discussion about the price of groceries...
that my little giraffe had gone, he'd left me. just walked out the door!
After a major search i found my little friendly giraffe (who for some reason i had a really fatherly feeling for) at the local off license talking to the shop keeper who was george bush.

He explained to me that he was just speaking to george bush to try and get home and i felt very sad, my little friendly talking giraffe wanted to leave!
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