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in a shark tank with my sister  [x-posted] - If it were my dream...

About in a shark tank with my sister  [x-posted]

Previous Entry in a shark tank with my sister  [x-posted] Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 03:13 am Next Entry
me again, sorry! i never realized i posted here so often... hope i'm not annoying anyone. :-\

here's a semi-scary dream i had a few nights ago. my dreams that night all seemed to involve water, but i don't want to overload everyone with dreams, so if you want to check out the rest of my dreams from that night, they're here. anyway...

background info:
- nicole is my younger sister (my only sibling). i'm 19, and she's 14. we get along pretty well most of the time.
- i am severely afraid of snakes, so much so that i don't even like saying the word.

nicole and i are talking. i don't know where we are, but there is nothing but black and darkness around us, like we're floating in space. i can only see her in front of me, facing me. we're talking about past experiences, good and bad. like, "yeah, i could've lived without that one..." we start talking about our fears, and i mention snakes, of course. nicole says she's terrified of sharks. i say something like, "oh, i'm afraid of sharks, like i wouldn't want to be near one. but i can still watch them on tv and hear about them and stuff. with snakes, i can't see pictures of them, or talk about them, or anything. i'm really scared of them." nicole says, "oh...no, that's how i am with sharks," and i go, "...oh."

now we're in a shark tank. nicole and i are standing at the bottom, and there's a shark circling slowly above us, staying just below the surface of the water. the tank is round and kind of tall, like a cylinder. i am standing close to a wall, with my back to it. i'm facing into the tank, and my sister is a few feet ahead of me. in front of us, on the opposite wall of the tank, there is a rectangle cut out. like if you were in an aquarium, and there was a glass tank behind a wall, but there's only a small section cut out of the wall for you to see into the tank. through that hole, i can see gray carpet, and a dimly-lit room (like in an aquarium). the tank is supposed to be glass, but i don't see anything else around us. it's black and empty on all sides, like before. i made a crappy diagram:

in a way, the tank reminds me of an above-ground swimming pool, because the floor is that white plastic-type stuff... not very aquarium-like. no sand, no plants, no smaller fish, etc. there is nothing in the tank except for us and the shark. the shark is moving above, but the water is completely still. it's weightless, even, because nicole and i can stand like normal, and talk (we don't have to hold our breath). we don't feel any pressure; it's like there's just this blue air or gas around us.

but we still feel that if we make any sudden movements, we'll disturb the water, and draw attention to ourselves. the shark hasn't noticed us yet -- just keeps circling the tank -- so we stay very still and whisper to each other. we're freaked out that we're so close to a shark, and agree that we have to come up with a plan to escape quietly through that window. it's supposed to be glass all the way around the tank, and then just a hole in the wall, but apparently this is a hole in the tank. the rectangle is cut out of the side of the tank, and the water just stops there vertically like it would if the tank was sealed all around. so basically, you can just step out of this blue gas back into the aquarium.

we start thinking to ourselves, and i look around and realize that the shark has to swim a certain way. he is going clockwise around the tank, and that's the only direction he can go. he also can't come near the window unless he comes straight down from directly above the window. so i watch the shark, trying to plan our timing. when i look up, the shark is just a few feet past the window. i know that we have to wait til the shark gets halfway around the tank (marked with the X in the picture), because that'll give us enough of a head start to reach the window before the shark gets above it and can come down.

before i can tell my sister this, she starts running toward the window. i'm surprised, and angry, because we were supposed to agree on something before acting, but i don't have time to think about that. i know that because we didn't time it right, the shark can now go wherever he wants. i run after my sister, and she starts climbing through the window. i know the shark has seen us, so i start screaming for her to hurry. i try to give her a boost and push her through the window (it's like 2 feet above the floor), but it's not making her go any faster. i'm getting frantic, and i look to my right and see the shark swooping down toward us (he had turned around). he's almost near me, and then i wake up from fright.

- everything i said about my fear of snakes is true. if i see photos of them, or see them on tv, i freak out. when talking about them to my friends, i use a code name, so i don't have to actually think about them or picture them or anything. i don't know why i have such a severe phobia, but i do.
- everything i said about sharks is true. i'm afraid of them in a logical way, like if they have the chance to eat me, lol. they look a bit creepy and evil sometimes, but i don't scream, cover my eyes, and frantically gesture for my boyfriend to change the channel (like with snakes). they might make me a bit nervous in an aquarium, depending on their size, but that's it. by the way, the shark wasn't a typical aquarium shark...like a little hammerhead. it was a great white shark (i think that's what it's called). think jaws.
- i don't know how my sister actually feels about sharks, but i imagine it's similar to my real-life feelings. totally sensible.
- the last time i went to an aquarium was last year, with my boyfriend dan. it had a round tank in the center, that went the height of the building. the ramps that took you to the next levels all circled around the tank.
- my grandma used to have one of those plasticy above-ground pools a looong time ago. so did my aunt judy actually, but i thought of my grandma's pool first.
- um...i can't swim. so i'm glad the tank wasn't like real water, ha.
- i don't think this behavior was typical of my sister. she's stubborn, and will probably roll her eyes if you ask her to do something. but if she suggested we do something together, she'd most likely stick to it, or at least not run off without telling me.

any thoughts/interpretations welcome! i tried to at least give you something to work with, but if you need more info, just let me know. thank you!
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Date:February 24th, 2006 04:13 pm (UTC)
I'm not very good at dream interpretation, but..

... if it were my dream, the shark would be daily life, that keeps on circling and circling, no matter what you do. The core of the dream would be the tension between planning and impulsive risk-taking. I don't know what to make of the breathable, pressureless water/blue-gas.
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