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short dream - If it were my dream...

About short dream

Previous Entry short dream Oct. 8th, 2005 @ 03:52 am Next Entry
any thoughts on this? :

i'm in my grandma's house, looks pretty realistic. i go downstairs into the cellar, and grandpa's in the center of the room near his work area, a table with paint stains. not sure if i'm surprised to see him...maybe to see him there, yes, but not surprised he's alive. he asks if i'm done putting something away...i forget what, i think a bunch of paints, but i dunno. not sure if i was putting them away after i was done using them, or if i was cleaning up for him cuz he asked me to or i just felt like it. i tell him yes a little hesitantly (it was kind of blunt the way he asked), and i'm going back upstairs and he comments on how shy/quiet i am, and says something about me being a sissy. i'm not really hurt by this, more confused about what he means and because it seems out of character.

background info:
- my grandma is still alive and well, i'm still close with her (always have been), and she lives only a few minutes away, so i see her often enough, and family get togethers are always at her house. she used to take care of me and my sister when we were younger and our parents were at work, so i spent a lot of my childhood at her house.
- my grandpa died about 7 years ago. he used to do a lot of woodwork stuff, so he had a scroll saw and a little workshop down in the cellar.

i don't usually have dreams about dead people; i think i've only had 3 and they've all been about my grandpa... guess he's the only significant death i've had in my family. his attitude in the dream was kind of weird, so i'd really like to figure out what this dream is trying to tell me.

if you need me to elaborate on anything, just let me know. thanks!
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Date:January 16th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)
I think your grandfather is just a symbol (not actually him, but your subconscious using him as a symbol) of someone in your life who makes you feel weak. Did you have someone like that at the time of your dream? Your mind probably used your grandfather because his attitude would be more significant to you than the attitude of someone else. That would be my interpretation.
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