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If it were my dream...

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call for submissions May. 20th, 2012 @ 06:56 pm
Skive Magazine is publishing a "Real Dreams" issue (deadline May 25).

this is a boys dream, if that matters Apr. 4th, 2006 @ 09:05 pm
Strange dreams!!!
Current mood: weird

i've had an entire week of strange dreams, mostly involving space and strange space fruits. There is one that stuck in my mind and if there's anyone out there who knows the meanings of dreams please try to help....
I went to another planet (dont know why, dont know how}and i picked up a 2 foot tall furry pet giraffe, i brought him back to my house and realised he could talk. then i realised, after a long discussion about the price of groceries...
that my little giraffe had gone, he'd left me. just walked out the door!
After a major search i found my little friendly giraffe (who for some reason i had a really fatherly feeling for) at the local off license talking to the shop keeper who was george bush.

He explained to me that he was just speaking to george bush to try and get home and i felt very sad, my little friendly talking giraffe wanted to leave!

Apr. 4th, 2006 @ 07:57 pm
This dream I had over a year ago, but I still remembered it. It drives me nuts trying to find out what it means.

Some Semi-important detailsCollapse )

The DreamCollapse )

Dream Log, Fri. Feb. 24, 2006 Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 11:17 am
So I had a couple of dreams last night.. I probably remembered them more clearly because I'm sick and had to get up every now and then for water or tissues.

In the first, I was driving in Texas, or somewhere downsouth/outwest.
Texas DreamCollapse )
At this point, I drifted out of that dream, but held on to the carton
of soy/rice milk blend. It was funny; I was reading the nutrition
info on the side of the carton. Down below the vitamins and stuff, it
had a section with three or four lines. The second line was "Buttsex
(more than 800 times a month): no appreciable effect".. contrast this
with the third line: "Buttsex (once a week): no effect". I can't remember
what the first line was, or whether there were more than 3.

in a shark tank with my sister  [x-posted] Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 03:13 am
me again, sorry! i never realized i posted here so often... hope i'm not annoying anyone. :-\

here's a semi-scary dream i had a few nights ago. my dreams that night all seemed to involve water, but i don't want to overload everyone with dreams, so if you want to check out the rest of my dreams from that night, they're here. anyway...

background infoCollapse )

the dreamCollapse )

any thoughts/interpretations welcome! i tried to at least give you something to work with, but if you need more info, just let me know. thank you!
Current Mood: draineddrained
Other entries
» please help. thanks
i dreamed this a few months ago and it has stuck with me. id really apperciate any insight on it.
this was like 4 dreams in one. about the same exact day, happening over and over but different situations. its crazy...one dream includes my mom being a lesbian and one includes god. its really crazy. i need help. badd....!!! thanks!

1st dream:
i was in a kitchen (it felt like my kitchen, but didnt look like it). i was with my best friend, (who is not my friend anymore, and just to note that we stopped being friends on my bday this summer. we got to messed up, i freaked out!! im telling you we were really messed up, but yeah she left me and from that day on she has been doing drugs and i havent, it freaked me out but obviously had a different effect on her. anyway back the dream....) so we were in "my kitchen" and i was like "laura what todays date?" and she was like "you have to be kidding me, tomorrows your birthday." i played it off like thinking to myself "ok, your not going to freak out this time. you get a 2nd chance" at this point, i really had no idea i was dreaming so i thought well this must be a 2nd chance so we can still be friends or whatever. after that we walked into "my moms room". a lady was in her bed smoking a cigarette, watching TV and beside her on the other side of this bed was a picture of my mom. so my first thoughts in my dream were 'omg my moms dead' then i realized my mom was really a lesbian and that was her lover. then i woke up.

2nd dream
same exact setting, day and feeling. walked in to the kitchen this time and there was my mom, my dad and my brother. they were all really freaked out. and i asked them whats going on? they were like the weather look outside. so i looked outside. and they sky kept changing colors.... one second it would be raining, then snowing, then a tornado. i turned around to look at all them with a huge smile on my face. i was like 'its ok guys, gods coming back today' so then i proceded to walk out side. they tried to stop me, saying i was crazy to go out side with the weather like that. when i walked out side i was walking towards my fence line. i could see two of my friends crying. and i told them to call out for the lord it would be ok. then the weather cleared up. as i got to the fence line it turned into a balcony... i looked to the corner of the sky on the right and bright light shined through, as that happened, my head tilted down ward. my eyes shut and i heard and saw numbers. (it was like a countdown..) it went 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. then i woke up.

3rd dream.
instead of the kitchen it was my room. but it was the day before my bday again and laura and me were getting messed up, just like we did in reality. we wanted to go tell my dad about how i had a dream about god returning. (a dream in a dream?) no one would listen so we just got loud and crazy.

4th dream.
same as 3, in the bedroom, day before my birthday. but it was me and laura looking eye to eye. totally connected. speaking through vibes with the most wonderful feeling in the world.

im soooooooooooooooooo confused. we are still not friends. and we used to call eachother soul sisters, before she chose drugs over me. can someone please help me!!!!!!!
» short dream
any thoughts on this? :

i'm in my grandma's house, looks pretty realistic. i go downstairs into the cellar, and grandpa's in the center of the room near his work area, a table with paint stains. not sure if i'm surprised to see him...maybe to see him there, yes, but not surprised he's alive. he asks if i'm done putting something away...i forget what, i think a bunch of paints, but i dunno. not sure if i was putting them away after i was done using them, or if i was cleaning up for him cuz he asked me to or i just felt like it. i tell him yes a little hesitantly (it was kind of blunt the way he asked), and i'm going back upstairs and he comments on how shy/quiet i am, and says something about me being a sissy. i'm not really hurt by this, more confused about what he means and because it seems out of character.

background info:
- my grandma is still alive and well, i'm still close with her (always have been), and she lives only a few minutes away, so i see her often enough, and family get togethers are always at her house. she used to take care of me and my sister when we were younger and our parents were at work, so i spent a lot of my childhood at her house.
- my grandpa died about 7 years ago. he used to do a lot of woodwork stuff, so he had a scroll saw and a little workshop down in the cellar.

i don't usually have dreams about dead people; i think i've only had 3 and they've all been about my grandpa... guess he's the only significant death i've had in my family. his attitude in the dream was kind of weird, so i'd really like to figure out what this dream is trying to tell me.

if you need me to elaborate on anything, just let me know. thanks!
» help
this time around, I dreamed I cheated on my boyfriend, not the other way around. With someone I would never actually consider even making out with in real life (too thin for my taste). In the dream, I was so drunk I *in the dream* came to consciousness and couldn't remember if I had had anal sex with this guy. In the dream, I planned to talk to him in lifeguarding class (which IS actually in 2 hours from now) and ask him what had happened.

Waking up from this scares me more than any nightmare I've ever had.

Analysis appreciated.
» (No Subject)
I had a terrible dream that I had sex with some weird guy who looked a little like Jack Black (ugh.) & then started FREAKING OUT & crying because I didn't want Larry to find out because I felt REALLY BAD for cheating on him, & I didn't want him to leave me for it, & the guy said that he'd tell everyone he knew. There was a broken chair there, for some reason. & the room was painted in ghastly bright colors. I don't remember exactly which, but I think there was a lot of orange. I think the dude was wearing a blue shirt?
Ah, well...

» the treasure in the pyramid
i can't remember much of this one, but i can picture the setting very clearly, and the whole dream just stuck with me...

the beginning is fuzzy, but dan and i hear about some secret hidden treasure in this pyramid we're inside. we're walking down a hall through this big entrance doorway, and dan mentions that he told kayci about whatever we're looking for. i freak out, and ask why he'd tell her and give her the deed (or let her see the deed?). when you walk into the pyramid (the entrance is on the left) you walk down a path, then turn to the right and there are a few steps that lead you down to some water. dan and i are looking for whatever, and we hear someone coming and try to find a place to hide. i feel like scott is there too... i suggest for one of them (maybe both) to hide in the water, next to the path, because the path is above ground, and there is a ledge/balcony along the sides of the path. where they'd be sitting, it'd be kind of like hiding under a bridge. we're all running to hide, and i start continuing down a path in the opposite direction. i can't remember much, but i know i go in doors along the path, and they all look like girly children bedrooms, with white and pastels and floral prints. i know that all the rooms are predominantly white (and all with carpets, and comforters - not plain white, hospital-type scary rooms). and when i get in the 2nd or 3rd, there is this big gust of wind that starts carrying me off. all i remember is it's a really strong wind, and i'm trying to fight it, and i feel like i start doing magic or something.

background info:
people - dan's my boyfriend of one year. scott's one of dan's good friends, and i've become good friends with him now too. kayci is dan's ex-girlfriend who i really don't like for a lot of reasons (even though he's still friends with her), and not just because she's an ex. i always get annoyed whenever i have to see her. i've been annoyed since last weekend, because dan's prom was friday, and she was in the limo with us. and just last night, dan had his final concert for orchestra, and she was sitting right next to him.

deed - dan and i watched moulin rouge like 2 nights ago, and in it the owner is making a deal with this duke, and [hesitantly] gives him the deeds to the club, basically.

magic - i was dicussing harry potter theories with dan and some of his family last night, so harry potter was probably on my mind. i feel like i was lucid for part of this dream, and whenever i have lucid dreams, they've all involved harry potter. i guess it's how i know it's a dream, because harry potter doesn't exist. then in all the lucid dreams, i try to do magic. just the night before, i had a dream where i was having a magic duel with someone, and turning my grandma's flowers into different colors. and i know harry potter was on my mind, because all the dreams i had after this one this morning were about harry potter....

as for the rest of the dream though, i don't know. i mean, we were in the bottom of a pyramid and the water made it feel like we were in an undergroud cave or something.

any ideas what the dream could mean? thanks.
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