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If it were my dream...

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We meet again, Ghost Community May. 14th, 2005 @ 11:51 pm
I'm just putting in my two cents. For I am random. Like this damned dream.
If this were two cents, consider them yours, Kaolin. ;)

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Apr. 24th, 2005 @ 12:08 am
I had a dream the other night that I was wanting to talk to one of my exes for some reason. And my roommate and I were like "okay, lets go to his house." so we were driving over there and on the way is this burger king, and I see him inside it. (In real life, there is no burger king) So I make her stop and I go in to talk to him. Only to realize that I am wearing a pink satin...lingere...nightie...thing, and a bathrobe and slippers. I am standing about 2 people behind him. He sees me and I'm like "I want to talk to you!" and he says "I'm busy!!" And he leaves. So I go back outside but my roommate isn't there. I call her and she says "Oh, i took your car because I had to drive Hilary home." Hilary is going to be our other roommate starting in August. We don't know her, she was assigned to us. So I sit down in this chair outside the burger king when these two guys walk up to me and are trying to talk to me. I don't really remember what I said to them, but it pissed them off. One of them whipped out an old fashioned straight edge razor and started slicing up the top half of my right arm with it. I run away and my roommate pulls up in my car and I show her and we drive to the hospital. I remember I kept looking inside the sleeve of the bathrobe and just seeing all this blood. We finally get to the emergency room and I keep telling people I've been stabbed, even though its more like sliced. So we're waiting in the ER, and all these people keep coming in and going back to see Dr's before me. We then realize that I didn't sign in. I walk over to the sign in sheet to write my name and what was wrong with me when I woke up.

I have noo idea what to make of this.

Apr. 14th, 2005 @ 01:47 pm
Hey all. I'm a newbie here. My name is Kirsten but feel free to call me Sten or Narriel, either is fine.

I had a really weird dream a few nights ago.

I was in Japan. I've never been to Japan but I know I was in Japan. Suddenly someone had a knife to my neck and was going to kill me. Then all my friends were there and all of them took turns cutting at the mans face telling until finally they had hacked the man's face off. Then I was completly drenched in his blood and all my friends also drenched in his blood were laughing. They also all had very strange symbols drawn on their faces...

I have no idea what to think about that.

nazis...? Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:28 pm
last night i had a weird dream. i wasn't too scared when i woke up (i mean i was able to get back to sleep), but i was pretty freaked out during it because nazis were after me... and i just want to say right away that i wasn't watching any tv or reading any history books or ANYTHING last night that could've triggered this dream...

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any thoughts/interpretations about any of this? thanks in advance :-)
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i wrote this to my friend Ray, about a dream he starred in. Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 09:41 am
you were a healer.

in my waking life, my leg was all sore last night as i have been moving house, and moved several dressers and beds up and down stairs without help (yeah, i'm strong like that--and the stairs are carpeted, so that helps) and i was aching all over.

in the dream, i went out to meet you at a shack at a used car lot. i was just going to hang out, shoot the shit, you know? you had a medicine hat on--the one from your new york story. i went into the shack and had a drink with you--some schnapps or something--you poured it and i was never certain; i was just having what you were having--in some coffee. and you offered to 'fix' me.

the strangest part is that i don't ache this morning, even after all that heavy lifting and up and down stairs yesterday. my knee is sore, but the rest of me is fine.

you had me lay down on a bed, and climbed in next to me--but it wasn't sexual--i knew you were a healer and trusted you. you laid down next to me, against me, and i didn't flinch--i could tell you weren't putting the moves on--and you said, "this one is called, 'the blanket' " and you put one hand on my hipbone as if to close the circuit, and started to balance my energies. i could tell you were energetically scanning my body--down the right side, and then around my feet and back up the left--and also that--in real life, for i was aware that i was dreaming but have not yet learned to speed up time in my dreams--the alarm was going to ring soon, and that you wouldn't be finished by then. when it did ring, i straight-arm slapped it off, and went back to the dream, but it never did kick in again. i went back to sleep. the dream ended before the hip that always troubles me got sorted.

thank you for 'fixing' me, medicine man.
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» Wedding dream
Okay, so I am not getting married. Not even close. I'm barely dating a guy I met a few weeks ago, so it's not a stress dream or anything.

Last night I dreamnt that I was at this guy's house. I've hung out with this guy once, he's pretty cool, but we're just friends. Anyway, we were there and all of a sudden he was like "we're going to be late for the wedding!" and i knew what he was talking about and was like "oh my gosh your right." So the next thing I knew my best friend/roommate showed up and was trying to get me into a car. The guy got into another car and drove off. In the car I was telling my roommate how no one in my family execpt my dad knew that I was getting married. That my dad was there to walk me down the aisle but that was it. Well, when the car pulled up outside the church, my whole entire family was there. I recognized my grandfather, my father, and mother. The rest were people I didn't recognize but in my dream I knew they were my family. Anyway, my roommate was walking with my dress over her arm and I said "my dad must've told the rest of my family that I was getting married. I asked my mom if she would help me get ready and she said she wouldn't because she didn't support the marriage, but she was there to watch. My roommate and I headed back to the changing room. She was the only one in the room with me, helping me put on my dress and everything. I remember that I was stressed over my hair because it was long and we couldn't do anything with it. In real life, I cut off my long hair about 2 months ago and now its just to my shoulders. Anyway, I had the dress on which was an off the shoulder dress with long sleeves. I remember thinking that it wasn't like how I wanted it but it was beautiful anyway. I was finally ready and I went out to walk down the aisle. My dad walked me down the aisle, but the groom wasn't there. I stood at the front anyway and waited for him to come. I remeber I was looking over to the right side of the church and I saw him start to walk close to the front a few times, but then he always ran away. Groomsmen were standing there but he never actually got up to the front. Finally he ran out of the church. I was like "i guess we're not getting married" and I took off my dress and veil and was suddenly wearing a jean skirt and a t shirt. I ran outside after the groom and i was asking him what was wrong and he was saying that he wasn't ready to get married. I remember telling him "but i'd make a good wife" and i wrapped my arms around him and started to kiss him. then I woke up.

Okay, what is this all about? I have no idea of how to even begin to explain it. Someone please help!
» Hi. I'm new here.
Hi. I just joined this community. I had this weird dream last night, and I was wondering if anyone could interpret this:
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Thank you for your time. :)
» any ideas?
i'm new here, so i'll say a little about myself. i'm michelle, i'm 18, and this LJ account is for my dream journal (most posts are friends-only); my real journal is michellyaqua12. i was in another dream interpretation community for a while, but people hardly ever comment there (except me), so i decided to join some others to find a more active one where i can get some help occasionally.

what do you make of this?Collapse )

thanks to whoever helps, and i'll try to comment on/interpret your dreams whenever i can. ♥
» Dream Log, Fri., Jan. 28, 2005
(I should have posted this earlier.. oh well)
The lights were off in the barracks of the cement outpost. Only the dim bluish light of the moon illuminated the bunks and cement walls. My fellow enlisted men--six or seven of them--and our commanding officer were sleeping quietly in their bunks. Something in a corner near the CO's bunk had caught my attention, so I slipped out of my bunk to investigate. As I investigated, I dropped my flashlight from the ledge that I was on. Clambering down to retrieve it, I discovered that a tunnel had been dug into the wall of a low, apparently unfinished area. I was scared to go in, so I did not explore any further.

I withdrew, and government spooks searched the apparently fairly extensive rooms that had been dug out by traitors or someone. They cordoned off some sections of the excavation as classified. I was ushered out of the area. I called out to my CO--his name had become Asato; apparently we were Japanese soldiers. Government men (but not the MIB's) instructed me to phone Asato-sama's wife. I was to inform her that everything was all right, and that construction on the new outpost was progressing apace. No mention was to be made of traitors or any problems with the outpost.

Before I could call Mrs. Asato, two women approached me in my bed--now a civilian-esque double with a pleasantly-colored patchwork quilt. The women were in their early- to mid-thirties. The younger was a slim brunette with a small cheerful face. She was dressed in sensible light-colored clothes. The other was a blonde in a black dress. I briefly protested that I needed to make a phone call, but they overruled me. They both wanted to please me, but when I refused what they were offering, they decided to play some sort of game involving combinations.

The brunette chose a word-play and came up with some bizarre non-sequitur that I deemed clever and highly amusing, yet subtle. The blonde offered me a shrimp in alfredo sauce. I ruled that the shrimp, being a delicious food, was the better offering: the blonde had won the competition. "But," I said to the brunette, "I love you better." The blond made a face of displeasure, but soon seemed to accept the situation without rancor.

In some sort of dream segue, I found myself outside, in the midst of some sort of movie preparations. There were some recognizable actresses there. The director or producer was lamenting the fact that we couldn't afford the leading lady he wanted--either Meryl Streep or Barbara Streisand; I think the latter. All of a sudden, there she was, looking at the music for the picture. She sang a few measures and seemed to be well impressed. She said it was so good that she'd play in the film for less than her usual salary. Satisfied that the situation was resolved, I wandered off...

I arrived at a great big outdoor stage with lots of musical equipment on it. Amps, drums, microphones--that sort of stuff. I listened for a while to a trio of earnest but shaggy teenagers play--two guitarists and a drummer. Eventually I somehow departed from there, to arrive in a strange juxtaposition. I was describing the teens' music as speed-metal to the approval of the indistinct people near me. At the same time, I was selecting a pet spider. All of them were black and shiny with red markings--no actual black widows, though. I debated the merits of a medium-sized one (only nickel-sized with legs no longer than the total length of its body) versus a larger one with longer legs, for which there would apparently be extra fees or paperwork. Eventually I think I chose the smaller of the two.

I found myself back in the outdoors, headed toward a picnic table in the middle of a grassy field. At the table were seated two or three people. One of them, by herself at the rightmost end of the near side, was a young woman in a pale pink shirt that just showed the shape of her bra strap. I sat down next to her and rubbed her back with one hand for a bit. Apparently she was my girlfriend. She looked like Zooey Deschanel with strawberry blonde hair, except that when she turned to me to talk, I saw that her mouth was twisted up into a sort of quasi-sneer.

"What happened?" I asked, "did somebody smack you in the mouth?"

She was obviously nonplussed by my tasteless joke. I think I apologized--I hope I did.

"I got the news," she said, "I've been diagnosed with CP." She seemed dismayed.

"Don't worry," I said, "I know lots of people with cerebral palsy." I started to comfort her, with the intention of reassuring her that she was wonderful and beautiful and that I loved her very much. Before I could really interact with her anymore, though, my alarm rang and I woke up, unable to return to that dream.
» 10% of $260,000
i dreamed i was at a casino with my ex husband (he never gambles and we have been divorced since 1993) and he threw down 1k at a poker table. he got dealt 3 kings in 5 card stud, so he called. the dealer flipped 3 queens and everyone else threw in their cards. the dealer went for the pot and art showed his three kings. it was exhiliarating--he had won 260,000 !!! then, i made him walk away fromt he table.

he cashed in and i was about to tell him how to convert it to cash without involving the IRS when he started being a dick. usually, a person shares a win like that. usually, a bookie gets a 10% tip. he gave me nothing (as in real life) and on top of it, he was acting like an asshole (as in real life). he put the money in the trunk and so i guess did not tell him how to cash in tax-free.

and i woke up, grumpy
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