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please help. thanks - If it were my dream...

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Previous Entry please help. thanks Feb. 5th, 2006 @ 08:17 pm Next Entry
i dreamed this a few months ago and it has stuck with me. id really apperciate any insight on it.
this was like 4 dreams in one. about the same exact day, happening over and over but different situations. its crazy...one dream includes my mom being a lesbian and one includes god. its really crazy. i need help. badd....!!! thanks!

1st dream:
i was in a kitchen (it felt like my kitchen, but didnt look like it). i was with my best friend, (who is not my friend anymore, and just to note that we stopped being friends on my bday this summer. we got to messed up, i freaked out!! im telling you we were really messed up, but yeah she left me and from that day on she has been doing drugs and i havent, it freaked me out but obviously had a different effect on her. anyway back the dream....) so we were in "my kitchen" and i was like "laura what todays date?" and she was like "you have to be kidding me, tomorrows your birthday." i played it off like thinking to myself "ok, your not going to freak out this time. you get a 2nd chance" at this point, i really had no idea i was dreaming so i thought well this must be a 2nd chance so we can still be friends or whatever. after that we walked into "my moms room". a lady was in her bed smoking a cigarette, watching TV and beside her on the other side of this bed was a picture of my mom. so my first thoughts in my dream were 'omg my moms dead' then i realized my mom was really a lesbian and that was her lover. then i woke up.

2nd dream
same exact setting, day and feeling. walked in to the kitchen this time and there was my mom, my dad and my brother. they were all really freaked out. and i asked them whats going on? they were like the weather look outside. so i looked outside. and they sky kept changing colors.... one second it would be raining, then snowing, then a tornado. i turned around to look at all them with a huge smile on my face. i was like 'its ok guys, gods coming back today' so then i proceded to walk out side. they tried to stop me, saying i was crazy to go out side with the weather like that. when i walked out side i was walking towards my fence line. i could see two of my friends crying. and i told them to call out for the lord it would be ok. then the weather cleared up. as i got to the fence line it turned into a balcony... i looked to the corner of the sky on the right and bright light shined through, as that happened, my head tilted down ward. my eyes shut and i heard and saw numbers. (it was like a countdown..) it went 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. then i woke up.

3rd dream.
instead of the kitchen it was my room. but it was the day before my bday again and laura and me were getting messed up, just like we did in reality. we wanted to go tell my dad about how i had a dream about god returning. (a dream in a dream?) no one would listen so we just got loud and crazy.

4th dream.
same as 3, in the bedroom, day before my birthday. but it was me and laura looking eye to eye. totally connected. speaking through vibes with the most wonderful feeling in the world.

im soooooooooooooooooo confused. we are still not friends. and we used to call eachother soul sisters, before she chose drugs over me. can someone please help me!!!!!!!
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